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Caudalie USA
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more details Founded in the vineyards of Bordeaux in 1995 by Mathilde & Bertrand Thomas, Caudalie is a pioneer of highly effective Clean & Natural skincare powered by antioxidant-rich grapes. Caudalie partners with 1% for the Planet and created 100% Plastic Collect

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2022-12-12 【商家促销】 【Caudalie USA】新客首单85折!
2022-12-05 【商家促销】 【Caudalie USA】Get 15% off your first purchase!
2022-11-28 【商家促销】 【Caudalie USA】get 15% off your first purchase!
2022-11-21 【商家促销】 【Caudalie USA】get 15% off your first purchase!