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What's performance-dependent payment?

CPC(Cost per Click): payment based on users’ clicks. Payment is calculated based on numbers of clicks from one IP in 24 hours. Payments are calculated as RMB per 1000 IP.
CPA(Cost per Action): payment based on users’ actions. Payments will be calculated only after a user registers, downloads (or conducts any other action) successfully. Payments are calculated as RMB per action.
CPS(Cost per Sale) Payment based on sales. Payments will be calculated only after user has purchased any specific product. Payments are calculated as RMB per product sold (the corresponding unit payment for specific product can be negotiated); or payments will be calculated based on percentage of total sales.

What is an advertiser?

Advertisers (Merchant, Advertiser, Retailer, E-retailer, or Online Retailer) are the merchants whopromote and advertise their own products and services online. Advertisers are then promoted by KOLs and publishers on the LinkHaitao network.
The following are several types of advertisers who join LinkHaitao:
      - Companies who want to promote their own products and services online in the long run
      - Companies who want to improve brand awareness and reputation
      - Websites who want to increase the number of new members
      - Companies who want to explore innovative marketing channels
      - Companies who want to lower the marketing costs while maximizing profits
      - Merchants who want to highlight any project,service, channel, or any other product.

Are there any restrictions on which advertisers can apply?

Any website/merchant who wants to collect useful information and maximize profits can apply to be an advertiser on LinkHaitao.

After signing Contact s, can advertisers conduct advertising immediately?

We try to get advertisers up and running as soon as possible. After a Contact is signed, we have a setup period which matching APIs and backends, testing and launching the advertisers, then launching to our publishers. Advertisers will be up and promoting in the LinkHaitao network once tracking has been confirmed.

While advertising, how do I connect with site owners (publishers) on LinkHaitao Network?

Linkhaitao handles working with site owners so that you can focus on more important things. We will update banners and announcements to site owners on a regular basis. We will also make contact with members via email or through one-on-one communication.

After becoming a LinkHaitao advertiser, what does performance in a given month look like?

Marketing performances are subject to ad formats, Contact regulations and many other factors. Hence, different advertisers will achieve different promotion performances. We constantly strive to optimize your performance in our network and will constantly bring new opportunities and suggestions to test.

How do I submit payment for advertising?

Advertisers should remit payment directly to LinkHaitao. Linkhaitao will then check data with members and settle accounts payable to members. A full list of advertising options available is below.

Standard rates

Option for Advertising Description Standard rates(RMB) Standard rates(USD)
Commission Advertisers will remit payment based on a set rate of products sold. Competitive rates will help more publishers promote. _%or_ RMB _%or_ USD
Platform management fees Platform management fees will be charged annually and should be settled before promotion on the LinkHaitao network begins.
LinkHaitao will provide the following support to Advertisers:
1.Publish subscription EDM to members
2.Recommend promotions and content to site owners via QQ and/or mobile in one-on-one form
3.Promote within and the Publisher Interface
22,000 RMB/年 3,500 USD/Year
Security Deposit To prevent Contact ors from breaching any legal terms of the Contact s. If there is no legal dispute during Contact ual period, security deposit will be returned to advertisers without interest. 10,000 RMB 1,600 USD
Prepayments Advertisers are required to pre-pay their advertising accounts in the LinkHaitao network. This will ensure timely payment to LinkHaitao publishers and will ensure consistent exposure and promotions. 10,000 RMB 1,600 USD

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