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Item Category List is Tires L2 Precious metals L2 Non Category Services (Gift Cards) Grocery & Wholesale Household & Personal Care0% of item sale amount
Item Category List is POST PAID CELL PHONES L3$8.00 per item
Item Category List is Musical Instruments Arts & Crafts Toys Games and Hobby Automotive Parts & Accessories Home Improvement Camping & Hiking (Outdoor L1) Sporting Goods Tools Equipment & Industrial Baby Health Beauty & Wellness Office & Party Supplies L2 Pets Accessories & TravelChildrens Apparel Footwear Jewelry & Watches Mens Apparel Womens Apparel Prestige Beauty & Personal Care Furniture Bed and Bath (Entertaining Rooms L1) Speciality Rooms Home Misc. L1Fashion Misc. L1 Kitchen Appliances Dining and Vacuums (Functional Rooms L1) Home DecorServices Entertainment Services Enthusiast & Professional Services Fashion Services Home3.2% of item sale amount
Item Category List is Electronics Video Games Books & Other Media Photo & Personalized Unassigned L1 Services Everyday Living Services Misc. 10.8% of item sale amount
All Other0.8% of item sale amount

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2022-10-31 【商家促销】 【Walmart】Flash Picks up to 65% off!
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2021-03-09 【商家促销】 【Walmart】Walmart PetRx 新客现仅需消费满$35+,即可得$8奖励金!
2021-03-08 【商家促销】 【Walmart】Walmart PetRx 新客现仅需消费满$35+,即可得$8奖励金!
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